Domaine oléicole bio des
"Trois Tortues

Péloponnèse Grèce
Marc et Evi Parmantier Siougari oléiculteurs

Works in July 2015

When we came back to the Trois Tortues after one month, we find the olive orchad around the Ermitage full of dried herbs and plants. It was like a jungle. After the good rains in winter and spring, the grape vine in front of the house had enormously grown. It was the first time that our fig tree, close to the house gave us so early so big and tasty fruits. Likewise, it was not very easy to walk in the field, the thistles stung us and the seeds clung to our clothes. It was realy time to work and clean all to grind the branches to prevent the field from the summer fires. It won't fall any drop of rain during the long period of summer.

The invasive vine, full of grapes...
After hair cut, it seems more civilised

Before the coming of the tractor with grinder, we had to manage the branches left in pile from the pruning. It was a great problem on the 3T to find material to reduce them in smal pieces. I did'nt want to burn them as people do in Greece. It's very bad for the environment and loss of good nutrients which improve the soil balance. So I found my friend Spiro who is probabely the only one farmer who is not afraid and is able to do this job.

First step with Niko, remove the big branches to keep them for our fireplace of our Athens flat: for different reason, we do not use anymore fuel to heat us in winter and also do not want to buy illegal firewood to preserve our greek forests in danger.

Very hot under the summer sun

We discover a nestle under a pile of branches

Piles of good firewood

background : the old covered "Dogon owen" made by hand with childrens a long time ago for our 20th wedding aniversary with a great number of good friends

After the branches sorting, we called Spiro to come with his magic tractor and grinder. Here he is, like a triumphant fighter.

At the same time he grinds the branches, he reduces my anxiety! Look at this, what a difference! Spiro, as Jesus, you are my savior!

Around the "Dogon Oven". A new step close to serinity.
( Be sure I won't reveal you what is under the cover, don't be so curious! It's a secret :)

Under the small garden of the Ermitage: the land is incredibly clean!

Truce of joke, let's talk about olives now! we probabely have a good year with a big production. Due to the good rains, olives are big and healthy for the season and trees are full of olives on the third floor of the domain (we have four on the hill).

The title of the canevas is : "Koroneiki Olives on farmers's Hand"

It's time to water the small olive trees, and prune the big ones to help olives to grow well (no photo for now)

If work is good for the health of the body, lunch is better to sustain... On the millstone behind the Ermitage under the freshness of the shadow of our older olive tree. So nice moments, so peacefull, here with friends of our childs.

One day later, Vladimir, the man who construct by hand the "Ermitage des Trois Tortues" in local stones show me how to sharp a scythe with an Albanian technic. My bush cutter is dead and I discover that this old tool works better to cut stong herbs with the same effort... Funny isn't it? Unthinkable in any case. Vladimir worked for Three years in Albany to cut clover to feed cows, from spring to winter, even in the windy-snowy-rainy-sunny-icy days. He knows of course a lot on this subject. Very interesting demo.


The story isn't not absolutely finished... I've to tell you what I want to do: to grow grape vine to make baslamic vinegar and sweet wine. I planted 20 vines in march carefully, but crickets eat them and the water is not enough to grow them comfortably. So I had to invent something to save them and keep the way to use a very small amount of water: Cover of the roots with ramial chipped wood and straw. Put over the small vines a small wire frame and wear it with a shadowing tissue. Then put branches to keep the small shellter in place. What it looks for:

Good luck to the small vines!

Further experiments are underway !
Keep the right way! Friendly,
:) MP

Well, two season later it remains only 8 vines but more than than I expected after the passage of the sheep which liked very much the tender leaves. The harvest was effectively very good, but the fly is stronger now and we had to throw 20 to 30% of the olives to keep a good level of quality.