Estate "Trois Tortues" (Three Turtles) Peloponnese Greece

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Marc et Evi Parmantier Siougari
organic olive oil producers

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Our grove is certified organic by DIO, Greek control organism. Family exploitation, it lies at the southern tip of the western Peloponnese on the lovely quiet town of Methoni in the agricultural lands. It covers 1.5 hectares on a terroir of exceptional quality known in Greece as one of the two best in the country.

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Marc et Evi Parmantier Siougari, in Athènes 00-30/210-614-90-41 Email :

All our products are carefully handmade

Organic olive oil extra virgin
Cold processed, unfiltered and naturally decanted.
O,3% acidity

- The Advent Oil is early harvested very aromatic and tonic
- The Oil of the Year is softer and has a spring exuberant fragrance.

Our oil is for all purpose and is best consumed raw to take advantage of the wealthy subtleties of our natural environment.



Olive paté (tapenades)

4 different tastes: Dried tomato, lemon confit, ouzo, plain.

They are made from the old variety "Mavro Eliès" which gives soft and aromatic taste.
The tree is beautiful: its trunk is regular and has a spiral slow development. It gives around it a beautiful sense of peace and tranquility


Information and philosophy

Certification DIO


All our soaps are mild, fresh and "surgras" (over fat) to protect the skin from the aggression of conventional soaps.
They are pure and scented with essential oils or aromatic plants, spices.
By the "Cold Process" we use to make our soaps, oils remain intact.
Soaps can be used for hand, body and the hair.

Natural cold processed soaps
Hard or liquid, from our extra virgin oil

From our organic extra virgin oil
we produce by hand a wide variety in small quantities:
For example :
"Aleppo raw of Messinia", "Aleppo red of Messinia" with laurel oil they have multiple dermatological action.
Olive pulp or fiber, cinnamon, orange, mastic of Chios ...
Scrubs: ginger, poppy, olive leaf, cereal brans , laurel bay...


    Variéties :
    Our local olive varieties are adapted to arid climate and fed with summer sun and sea breezes. By ecological respect for nature, and to keep the authentic fragrance of our oil, we dont water our trees.
    In our olive grove, Koroneiki, Mavroéliès, and Kalamata are the three main varieties. The Koroneiki was named after the nearby village: Koroni. This variety is the basis for much of Greek Denominations of Origin. Kalamata and mavroelies enter into the composition of our olive pastes. Our trees are between 40 and 100 years..
    We are focusing our grove to Permaculture by increasing the biodiversity of flora and micro/macro fauna, this to reach a state of self-regulation against pests and tree nutritional self-sufficiency. That means, in the respect for life, we do not actually use treatment even organic.
    We believe that "agriculture" means working with nature and not against it, the most simple way to honor its gifts.
    So, we drive our oil closer to a pure and aromatic expression of terroir.
    Soon we will open on our olive grove our first little cottage environmentally friendly (see the slideshow below), to offer a total immersion in nature.
    Contact : Marc et Evi Parmantier Siougari, in Athènes 00-30/210-614-90-41 Email :

Our olive oil label

Some pictures of our activities:

The olive harvest,
Views on our olive grove,
Our village of Methoni,
Support for Pelops, association who practice reforestation

The estate "Three Turtles" is very involved in actions to safeguard the environment so,
we created the association "Pelops" for light and efficient reforestation in Athens and now sponsor it. More, on our grove, we lead an agriculture friendly to living beings and do not treat our olive trees, even with organic certified products.

For further details on the reforestation actions of "Pelops", follow this

Evi and Marc Parmantier-Siougari, organic olive oil producers.