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Olives en vrac avant leur départ pour le moulin

Trois Tortues products and shops

Our land

The “Trois Tortues” family project is a junction of French and Greek cultures: the generosity of Greek nature combined with French taste sensitivity. « Trois Tortues » means « Three Tortoises », name given by the land itself (there is a story!).
Our land is a small domain for about 1.5 Hectares.
It is certified in Organic Agriculture. Our work is mainly manual gardening. Therefore, our carbon footprint is very low. We do not aim to « push » our trees to produce a big quantity of olives but we have more interest to help them to express their taste characteristics as well as those of our land. Our role is to preserve their good health to be sure to make products with a high level of quality. The production volume of our olive grove is moderate and variable depending on the year.

Satelite view of our olive orchade

Products from the Three Turtles olive grove

Our work philosophy

We do not want to use chemical additives and preservatives when making our food products. For us, traditional techniques are the best an dont need anything artificial more: salt, vinegar, sugar, lactofermentation, sterilization. We want to keep what we do simple and natural to ensure a rich and authentic taste.

Our olive oil


  • Organic extra virgin olive oil: 75cl
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil: 50 cl
The availability of oil varies depending on the harvest year.

Oils flavored with fresh plants

To be closer to nature, our scented oils are flavored with fresh plants from our garden.
In 100ml packaging
  • Olive oil with black garlic
  • Olive oil with basil
  • Oregano olive oil
  • Rosemary olive oil
  • Mastic olive oil
  • Pelargonium olive oil
Other flavored oils can be made on request.

Our olives

We use an old variety specific to our terroir: the Mavroélia olive.

  • Whole Mavroélia olives in brine, 200g.
Olive based Paté:
  • Plain Mavroélia olivade.
  • Olivade Mavroélia tomato confit and basil.
  • Olivade Mavroélia homemade lemon confit.

Other products from Trois Tortues


  • Lemon paste confit with salt, 90g.
  • Cactichons: French gherkin-style cactus. 90g.
  • Range of liquid chili: bondamanjak, Jolokia bhut chocolate, Moruga Yellow, green and red chili. 30ml.

Herbal teas

Infusion n ° 1 and 2 with three plants 40g.

  • N°1 Mountain tea, Wild sage, Roman chamomile.
  • N ° 2 Peppermint, wild sage, verbena.
  • Tea of young olive leaves, plain or bergamot 35g.

Natural cosmetics

  • Soaps of the Three Turtles: laurel, shea, argan.*
  •  lip balm. 
  • St. John’s Wort macerate.
Our cosmetics are made with food grade components.

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The DIO organization controls our compliance with the  organic agriculture specifications. It logo represents the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture: Dimitra or Demeter.

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